Y’all! I know this is hardly impressive, but Creature Free has received over 200 “likes” as of yesterday afternoon! I can’t believe that anyone is reading this at all, let alone actively liking my posts. Thank you. It means so much to me 🙂

I have a feeling that about 50-75% of my daily page views are my parents and JB’s amazing mom (love you guys!), but that means at least a fourth of you are parties that are curious about veganism as a concept and not for simply making my heart swell as my stats increase.

And why shouldn’t you be? Interest in veganism is growing. Don’t believe me? The chart below is from Google Trends for 2004 through 2015. That’s certainly not a bad curve. For the parents out there: this highlights that Google searches for the word “veganism” are steadily on the rise…


…especially when you compare it to other “diets” that have been popular for the past few years.


Take that, paleo diet! Although, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. I know, I know. Semantics.

Given veganism’s rising popularity, it’s no surprise that Buzzfeed caught wind of it and decided to assign a handful of its staff writers to complete a 30 day vegan challenge. The headline caught my eye, and I thought, naively, that this might be a great opportunity to spread the word. However, as with most Buzzfeed endevours, this video was particularly irritating to watch. The participants are never given insight into the plentiful reasons for choosing veganism, are never taught how to be a healthy as a vegan, and are not given any tools or advice in the basics of vegan cooking. The result? Four people (who did not care about veganism in the first place) eat rice and beans for a month and then decide not to be vegan. No surprise there!  At least there were some positive takeaways. “I have greater appreciation for what goes into my food and what goes into my body,” said one of the participants. Another noted that “being vegan has helped me feel good when eating.”

The best part about the video is actually the comments section. Normally, any online content that promotes (or, let’s be real, even acknowledges) veganism has a comment thread that is filled to the brim with vitriolic carnists, desperately trying to keep their cognitive dissonance intact. This one was surprisingly tame. Here are some of the highlights:

They didn’t like being vegan because our society is built around animal consumption, so they felt deprived. Also, they didn’t know how to be vegan properly, they didn’t know how to cook delicious vegan food or to eat the required variety so they wouldn’t feel tired. Basically, if you’ve been an omnivore your whole life you won’t successfully convert to a vegan lifestyle overnight. It’s a gradual process for most people because it requires such a major change that it can’t be accomplished all at once.

Truth! And:

I’m vegetarian and I don’t knock anyone who isn’t. But let’s be real for a second: There is no ethical way to kill animals.

Preach, girl!

There were only a few “Liberals” and “Go eat some tofu you vegan” (um, okay, I will?) sprinkled throughout. Which only proves me point! People, including several of you, dear readers, are more interested in veganism than ever before!

So, non-vegans out there: what is a good first step to exploring veganism in a real and meaningful way? A 30 day challenge is actually a great idea, especially since the experts say that it only takes 21 days to break a habit. You just need the proper guidance, and who better to provide it than Colleen Patrick-Goudreau? I first found Colleen through her podcast, Food for Thought, and have been an avid listener for several months. Guess the name of one of her (several) books? It should come as no surprise… The 30-Day Vegan Challenge! She also offers an actual program as well for you folks who might want a more hands-on approach. I highly recommend you check out her website, Joyful Vegan. She is an amazing resource for all your needs, with everything from recipes to advice for handling interactions with non-vegans.

So, friends, armed with this knowledge… what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present, especially when so many lives are at stake.

Quick note about my dinner this evening: I made Vegan Richa’s Buffalo Millet, Red Bell Pepper, and Creamy Ranch sandwich. For 100% transparency, we used Follow Your Heart’s ranch dressing instead of making our own. The meal was so good that it did not survive long enough for a picture to happen, but check back in tomorrow: I’m making my first pumpkin-themed treat of the season, and there will definitely be photographic evidence.


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