Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend filled to the brim with vegan goodies. I know that I certainly did!


Unity Vegan Kitchen‘s weekly special. A vegan Philly cheese steak with homemade onion rings, and of course, a pumpkin flavored beer!


Homemade tofu scramble breakfast tacos.

On Saturday night, JB suggested that we try Coat & Thai, a food trailer that resides a couple of blocks away from where we live. We had read online that most of their food could be “veganized,” and JB was jonesin’ for some pad kee mao, which loosely translates to “drunken noodles.” The dish itself is just as colorful as its name, with broad rice noodles, soy sauce, garlic, tofu, a lot of chili peppers, and basil.

Unfortunately, the woman working the trailer that evening informed us that their pad kee mao was made with oyster sauce. Despite the fact that oysters are kind of a gray area for vegans (they lack central nervous systems), JB and I both opted to try the pad peanut sauce instead, which was oyster sauce free and thus unassailabley vegan. I didn’t regret the last minute change of plans, but I could tell that JB was disappointed. The pad peanut sauce ended up being delicious. How could a bunch of vegetables, tofu, and rice in a velvety, peanut glaze not be incredible? However, we all know how it feels to have your heart set on something and not have said something materialize. Despite enjoying his meal as well, JB could not hide the the dejection in his eyes. It was enough for me to proclaim, “I’ll make pad kee mao for one of my meals this week, don’t worry!” I’ve never made pad kee mao. I know very little (re: nothing) about Thai cooking, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Those words ended up being the catalyst for a Monday adventure. We went with Terry Hope Romero’s recipe, because duh, she is incredible. The drunken noodle sauce required that we find:

  • Chinese vegetarian stir fry sauce (?)
  • Thai thin soy sauce (…?)
  • Golden Mountain sauce (???)
  • Thai black soy sauce (????)
  • Thai sweet soy sauce (?????)

It sounded like a lot of sauces, almost all of the soy variety, but the recipe insisted that they were each necessary for an authentic dish. I naively assumed that our grocery store would carry most of them and that we’d be able to find any outliers at Whole Foods. After visiting HEB, Whole Foods, AND Wheatsville Co-op, we were still sans the sauces and flat noodles that we needed. JB and I came to the realization that we were going to need to go to an Asian Grocery. I’ve never been to one before, and was really excited to finally have an excuse to visit one. We went to Hong Kong Supermarket. It’s pretty far north of us, but it was worth the trip. We found everything we needed without issue and already have plans to go back to find some jackfruit and peruse their tofu offerings in greater depth.

As for the pad kee mao? It turned out just as we had hoped it would: spicy, salty, and incredibly yummy. I also now have a whole arsenal of Thai soy sauces at my disposal. I think I’ll have to tackle pad see ew next… 🙂