Happy Sunday morning, lovelies! Before I dive in, I want to thank you again for all your support. I finally worked up the courage to tell my Facebook friends about this blog, and the response this weekend has been overwhelming. Some of you shared it, some of you sent really loving texts and messages, and a lot of you asked really amazing questions… seriously, I am so humbled by y’all. Letting other people see what you’ve been working on is always intimidating. The most stressful days in college for me were never exams or when papers were due; they were critique days in my art classes. It’s never been easy for me to share with people. Case and point: as of right now, JB still hasn’t read this! I’ve asked him to ignore it while it’s in its infancy. He obliged, no questions asked. That’s one of the perks of having a partner who’s a writer – they understand when something is raw and isn’t necessarily ready for constructive criticism. Someday, soon I’m sure, I’ll ask him to redline this content, but that day has not yet arrived. Until then, bear with me!

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend in Austin. Yesterday I had the opportunity to sneak away to Capital City Bakery and grab some cupcakes. Their cupcake display is always so beautiful, which makes it really difficult to choose what flavors to order. I eventually landed on a grapefruit mimosa and an Arnold Palmer. If not summer, then when is the time for citrus and alcohol flavored cupcakes? In all honesty, at the point of purchase, I wasn’t sure if I would sneak the cupcakes inside and eat them both myself or if I would share one with JB. I ended up sharing, but it wasn’t easy. I’ve already eaten mine (duh), and as we speak, I see his sitting on the table, beckoning. Who knows how this situation is going to turn out? I might not be able to resist it. Snooze you lose, right?




When JB and I decided to move to Austin after college, I had no idea it was such a vegan-friendly city. It makes being vegan so laughably easy. Not only are there several 100% vegan restaurants, you can get a solid vegan meal almost anywhere you go. There’s even a vegan barbecue food truck, and their brisket is out of this world. Remember that “Anything You Can Do” song that was popular while we were kids? Being a vegan in Austin sometimes feels like that. “Anything you can eat, I can eat better.” If all I had available to eat was a continuous cycle of Capital City Bakery baked goods, tacos from The Vegan Nom, and Bouldin Creek‘s tofu scramble, I would die happy.

That said, now is a good time to interject regarding the word “better.” A major critique that I hear from omnivores about vegans is that we have an elitist attitude. I’m sure some of us do. Vegans aren’t exempt from basic statistics. There are bad apples in every group of people, but the majority of vegans that I’ve met hold compassion above all else. That extends to humans as well. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, creator of the Food for Thought podcast, says, “Being vegan doesn’t make me better than anyone else, but it does make me better than who I used to be.” This idea holds true for me. Everyone is the champion of their own causes. Living compassionately is mine, and it feels so good knowing that I can make a positive impact on both my body and the ENTIRE PLANET simply by choosing what food that I purchase.

Speaking of food, let’s move onto the second part of this post. Recipes! I know a lot of you have asked me for recipe suggestions in the past, so I thought it would be helpful to share what food we will be making each week to help give y’all ideas. Here is this week’s menu. All of them, except the Tikka Masala, are new recipes for us as well:

Let me know if there is any dish in particular that you’d like to see a vegan version of, and I can add it to next week’s menu.

Enjoy the rest of your rest day! <3