It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! My July subscription box from Petit Vour arrived yesterday! In case you missed my June 2015 Review, Petit Vour is a monthly subscription box similar to Birch Box, only it’s 100% cruelty free! Each box contains one skincare, makeup, bath & body, and hair & nail product, curated specifically to match your beauty profile! Um, yes please! In last month’s review, I outlined why I’ve started the transition to cruelty free cosmetics, so I won’t rehash that here. Instead, let’s dive right into this month’s box!

The theme for July is “Cruelty Free Summer,” which is fitting because it’s jam-packed with summer essentials: a vibrant coral nail polish, a refreshing face wash, some durable, sexy-scented deodorant and a decadent body butter to keep your skin soft after a long day in the sun. All things I desperately need.


This month’s product lineup.

1. AILA Nail Lacquer in Doolish ailadoolish    

Description: Gorgeous Color Without The Toxins?  #nailedit Fact: Nails are porous and can easily absorb chemicals. Fact: Traditional nail products are often full of ingredients that are drying and damaging. FACT: AILA provides gorgeous, healthy alternatives to traditional nail products.

My thoughts:  I love the color! Every time summer rolls around, I have to stop myself from buying an overload of coral. Coral lipsticks, coral blushes, coral clothes, coral jewelry, and of course, coral nail polishes. I have an old Essie polish from my pregan stage (get it? pre-vegan? bad joke…), but it’s old enough now that the polish is really gummy and doesn’t apply very well. I knew I wanted another one, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing research around which companies offer cruelty free polish. It seems like Petit Vour read my mind, because AILA arrived just in time!  The color came out a little more orange on my nails that it did in the bottle, but it’s so fun and summery. I can’t speak much on the subject about whether traditional nail polishes are full of toxins as the product description suggests, as I’ve done no research on the topic, but I can confirm that it is a great polish! I had to use about three coats to get full coverage, but I had the same issue with Essie and OPI. I think I’m just not a very good nail painter, haha.

2. Lux de Mer Gentle Facial Cleanser   luxedemer

Description: Luxe de Mer’s blend of rosewater, glycerine and essential oils is the perfect cleanser for all skin types. A real dream!

My thoughts: Like I mentioned in my last review, I’m not a huge face wash girl. I used the Luxe de Mer cleanser this morning, and I liked it at the time of use. It left my skin feeling thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. However, my face got really greasy by mid-morning, which is a lot faster than it usually takes before I have to blot myself. No one told my body that I am indeed a 25 year old woman and not a preteen girl. This reaction seems to be standard for me across all face washes. I haven’t found one that is gentle enough to not throw my skin into oil production overload. So far the only thing that seems to do the trick is coconut oil, so that should give you an idea around how dry my skin gets. Yikes. Anyway, the main ingredient in this cleanser is rosewater, so it naturally smells incredible. I wish my skin had reacted better to it, because I’d love to smell like this every day!

3. Routine Cream Natural Deodorant in Sexy Sadie routine

Description: We are officially obsessed with these clay formula de-odor-creams by Routine! Yes, they *really* work and are completely, transparently non-toxic. Green beauty lovers, rejoice!

My thoughts: The scent is crazy! In the past, I’ve picked deodorants based on not being able to smell them, but Routine Cream is making the case for me to abandon my old ways. This scent is described as “sexy, sweet, earthy and spicy.” What a perfect, succinct summation. Periodically throught out the day, I’ve caught a light scent of ylang-ylang and patchouli, and happily discovered that I was smelling myself!

I have been using Primal Pit Paste, which I love except for one huge problem – the baking soda in their formula seems to really irritate my underarms. They recommend that people who encounter this issue purchase their pit primer, but come on, right? I don’t want to have to put on two products if I I can find an easier solution. Routine Cream is more of a wet clay than a gritty paste, and it went on a lot smoother this morning. I put it on right after I shaved without issue. When I do the same thing with Primal Pit Paste, it usually burns. I’m about halfway through my day, still smelling pleasant, so I’m thinking I won’t have to reapply… I’m cautiously optimistic that I might make the jump to Routine Cream, but more use is required for a final verdict.

4. Nubian Heritage 100% Organic Shea Butter Infused with Mango Butter mangobutter

Description: This nutrient-rich Mango and Shea Butter combination rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin without clogging pores or drying the skin’s natural oils in this total body balm.

My thoughts: Yes. 100% yes. The light mango scent is the perfect way to treat yourself to an in-home vacation during the rest of summer. As instructed, I lathered myself up before bed (primarily my legs and arms), and woke up to incredibly soft skin. I’m always looking for good lotions for my legs, and I’m so excited to have found this one! When I first pulled it out of the box, the Texas heat had melted it entirely into an oil. I popped the container in the refrigerator for a few minutes, and it hardened the butter back up to a reasonable consistency. If anyone else encountered the same problem, fret not! A little cold air and your mango butter will be back in business.

Have any of you subscribed to Petit Vour? If so, what was your favorite product this month? I think all in all, I’d have to say the mango butter is mine… but if Routine Cream can keep me smelling fresh without the irritation, I might have to change my vote! We’ll see…!

Enjoy this blazin’ hot Friday, y’all. <3