Guys. I promise that I haven’t forgotten about this blog! Work has just been so incredibly busy. Our last set of websites go live this week for the big ol’ project that I’ve been working on, so my schedule should become less hectic soon (fingers crossed!), which means more time to post here. I have a few half-baked drafts in the queue, but I don’t want to post them just to get more content into the blogosphere. If I can’t dedicate some time each evening to writing these entries, then I don’t feel comfortable asking you to read them. To be honest, I barely feel comfortable pressing “Publish” after several re-reads. However, my daily page counts seem to be growing, so I can conclude that more and more of you are checking for recipe inspirations and glimpses into my thoughts, which is pretty inspiring! I almost have as many page views and unique visitors as October, and I’ve only posted once this month. Thank you. You’re encouraging me to do a better job of making time for this.

I know this is probably the most cliche way to transition, but gosh, the weekends go by so quickly. Here you are again, Monday. Where did you come from? Ah, well. Another week means a new slew of dinners to try. The lineup this time includes four new recipes. The only one we’ve made before is the simple tofu scramble. Here is our full menu:

Behold: the glory of the olive angel hair pasta with seared Brussels sprouts!


I know, I know. I can’t explain what is happening with me and Brussels sprouts right now. Luckily, JB is also obsessed with them, so we’ve been able to make these adorable mini-cabbages weekly without causing the other’s eyes to roll.

This recipe (another from the incredible Isa Chandra Moskowitz) not only featured Brussels sprouts, but also included Kalamata olives (another one of my favorite things) and toasted walnuts. To quote JB, it “tasted exactly as good as I had hoped Kalamatas and Brussels sprouts would taste together,” which is to say, amazing. The pasta, seasoned with thyme and red pepper flakes, was tossed with lemon juice and vegetable broth, making this meal relatively light (as far as a pasta dish goes).

The best part? The meal comes together in about 30 minutes. Talk about an easy way to kick off the week. I’m sure I will appreciate it even more when I cook Wednesday’s dinner, which will be my first foray into soy curls AND will require me to “pickle” my own vegetables.

What are some of your favorite, quick n’ easy pasta dishes? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to give them a try!